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Back on hygiene topic, let us give consideration to the issues discussed below. We already understand well enough that hygiene, or, as it is commonly called nowadays, regular cleaning of every system in our body, its every organ, such as intestine, liver, kidneys, etc., will usually lead to wonderful results which could never be achieved by using the most advanced and expensive medicines. By cleaning we are able to literally "bring young blood" to any organ in our body, i.e. to make it capable of functioning in a better way, with its maximum performance. Therefore, we admit that at the age of 60 one can, using certain prevention techniques, make it happen that any of his/her body organs functions the way they used to 15-20 years ago. However, for some reason we never consider skin from this perspective. After all, our skin also needs help in removing waste products and toxins, i.e. in cleaning from the substances which, when accumulated in skin, hinder its normal functional activity. It is found that our skin should be capable of releasing 3.5 times the amount of toxic substances as compared to kidneys and intestinal tract. In our time numerous popular publications give various methods of body detoxification, including almost all its functional systems.

And what can they offer for our skin in this regard? When you come to think of it, you probably will only mention steam bath, bath besom and rubbing with salt. We all know that steam bath has a curative effect. By which means? Mainly, by means of a deep skin cleaning. Beauty Secret lithocomplex works similarly, but way more

effectively than table salt; moreover, it has a unique potential to maintain proper skin hygiene on a deep, high-quality level. With this product, we get the opportunity to make a cold 'steam bath' for our face every day, and applying the lithocomplex onto the whole body during bathing in bath or in shower on a regular basis, we contribute to enhanced detoxification of our body.

Beauty Secret lithocomplex is a unique composition comprising naturally occurring volcanic minerals, mountain clay, and natural sodium and copper salts. All its ingredients are of natural origin. Beauty Secret complex is a fine powder. At first sight, this is not quite common: as a rule, all skin care products (except for decorative loose powder) are manufactured in the form of liquid, paste-like or creamy compositions. On the other hand, as already mentioned above, dry mixture of natural minerals and salts can be stored in a tightly sealed container at any temperature for an indefinite amount of time, without losing its unique properties.

The lithocomplex should be used combined with water. It is very simple to use. Moisten the skin area which you wish to treat with thlithocomplex, for example, wash your face with water. Add water to a portion of lithocomplex to obtain a thick slurry and gently distribute this wet slurry over the skin area you wish to groom. Leave it on the skin for a while, for example, for one minute maximum on face, and then wash it off with plain water. You can leave the lithocomplex on your body for 10-15 minutes, and on scalp for at least 15-20 minutes. That is all.

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