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It is obvious that there is a need for a new solution to the old, long existing problem: what is the right way of skin care? In the first place, how can we cleanse our skin properly without damaging it?

Zeolite and mountain clay are natural ion exchangers and adsorbents which possess a number of outstanding features, perfectly clean skin, and, in case of long-term application, slow down aging processes. lithocomplex, a composition containing minerals and salts, offers solutions to numerous problems, such as skin cleansing, protection, preservation of normal flora, prevention of dehydration and premature wrinkling. For a long time people have used different natural minerals and plant-based powdered mixtures for skin care, as well as for medical applications. Clay, talc, ochre, pearl and rice powder, ground wood, often with added salts and mineral pigments have been used for skin care for many a thousand years. Until recently it was widely thought that mineral and plant particles applied onto skin surface cannot penetrate its outermost, dense corneal layer; however, scientific findings obtained early in the 21st century suggest that microparticles as part of cosmetic products can interact with living skin cells (1-5). Micro- and nanoparticles of naturally occurring substances, such as zeolites, talc, clays and ground plants in combination with soluble salts, can influence functions of skin and its appendages, such as sebaceous and sweat glands, and hair follicles. Within hair follicles, nanoparticles are consumed by phagocytes and nourish cells; larger particles cause migration of immune phagocytes and release of cytokines which promote cell division and influence activity of certain enzymes

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