June 27, 2017

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One of human basic necessities is craving for being healthy and beautiful. Since prehistoric times, people have been dreaming about immortality and eternal youth. As soon as human beings appeared on the Earth, they started looking for miraculous recipes of all kinds for preserving health and beauty. Beautiful people were considered to be living gods and were worshiped. What about our days? Let’s face it! If we speak about beauty in general and the beauty of our skin in particular, we are greatly influenced by advertising, even not thinking what the cosmetics so much advertised turn out to be, be those expensive or from mass market.

Widely spread traditional methods and means of skin care only ensure the looks of healthy skin are copied, impregnating the skin with organic and inorganic substances which contribute only to the temporary similarity of a problem-prone and healthy skin. In this case the skin only seems to be renewed, but, indeed, it does not recover its main purpose, i.e. regulate the interaction between the human organism and the environment.

Often, feeling the skin quality when touching or visually examining its appearance after treating it with traditional means, you are only testing the quality of fatty base in the beauty product which was used to fill in the pores of your skin and which soon will be removed thanks to the remaining ability of your skin to remove useless substances. Actually, your skin didn’t get better in this case. Every woman once in a while has probably used the most expensive cosmetic programs, carefully following all the advice of beauticians. Can many women prove that after six months or a year of carefully following the recommendations on cosmetics use, their skin has visually changed to the best? Probably not. In the morning without cream and make up, we are to fight down disappointment that aging of our skin is inexorable

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