June 27, 2017

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So, what processes are taking place within our skin during such cleansing procedure?


Beauty Secret lithocomplex performs a deep cleansing of our body and face skin, and scalp. The composition provides a gentle, but effective cleansing. Here, "cleansing" means detoxification, i.e. removal of hardening agents, such as calcium, 'acid' ions of hydrogen (oxonium), heavy metal ions, including radionuclides, out of the deep layers of cutaneous tissue; at the same time, the skin surface, together with sebaceous and sweat glands, is cleaned of horny scales of the outermost epidermal layer, as well as organic and inorganic contaminants. The term "gentle" means that such cleansing requires no additional measures, or mechanical actions, e.g., using abrasives, or chemical actions, e.g. using some aggressive chemicals,

or any other treatment, e.g. burning out with a laser beam. 


What is the mechanism of calcium and oxonium removal from dermal collagen by the lithocomplex?

. The features of Beauty Secret lithocomplex ensure extraordinary effectiveness of these procedures, despite their amazing simplicity and short time. For instance, a minute-long procedure on facial skin results in removal from the skin collagenous tissue of such an amount of calcium which has been accumulated over the last six months.

When the dirt accumulated on the skin surface is removed by a 'zeolite brush' rather than dissolved by a traditional soap, an incredible effect can be obtained. After a contact with a natural mineral, surface skin structures rapidly get involved in the process of all functions regulation, which results in stimulation of skin cells and structural proteins renewal, i.e. in prolongation of youthfulness.


The lithocomplex allows to wash off contaminations in an effective and safe manner.


The negative impact of calcium ions on collagen has been already discussed above; as for oxonium ions, their removal is advantageous because of hardening effect elimination.

The acidic taste of all acids is only due to the fact that our taste receptors experience the action of one and the same oxonium ion. In body tissues and other media, acids exhibit chemical reactivity which results in polymeric fibers disintegration followed by a second cross-linking (usually at another site). In our case, such cross-linking is called acid hardening.

Under the action of natural salts, calcium ions, as well as 'acid' hydrogen (oxonium) ions, which are very firmly 'fixed' within collagen fibers, become mobile enough to be forced out by numerous sodium ions from the natural salts. Then, the unique properties of natural minerals come into action: by means of ion exchange, they capture calcium, oxonium and heavy metal ions and "lock" them securely within their structure. At the end, you just wash off those contaminants with water. Indeed, a traditional steam bath procedure contributes to removal of those ions from our skin as well, however, their major portion will be absorbed by skin again: it is pretty difficult to remove them using just plain water. On the contrary, in our case such ions are successively forced out, absorbed, or bound, by the mineral complex, and then removed together with the absorbent using water. For this purpose, no heating is required, that is, using the lithocomplex we can make a cold 'steam bath' procedure for any part of our skin, pulling out of it every contaminant that hinders its normal functioning, just like with a vacuum cleaner. It is clear that those harmful ions will enter our skin again due to the negative environmental factors surrounding us in everyday life, but by their regular removal during the mentioned procedure we can significantly mitigate their detrimental effect. By doing so, we can slow down skin aging mechanisms related to its clogging by harmful ions and, as a result, to collagen water content decrease.

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