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Mother and child welfare which belongs to the most urgent challenges is primarily associated with preventive and promotion health care.

A child’s mouth shows the performance of various organs and body systems, particularly immune and endocrine systems, which are first to suffer from unfavorable environment. The accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant makes background radiation impact on children increasingly relevant from year to year. Loss of body responsiveness is a factor which determines occurrence of dental caries. Dental pathology in its turn adversely influences on body responsiveness.

To study such interconnections children of various age groups living in Kiev Region, Zhitomir Region, Chernigov Region, Sumy Region and Volyn Region of Ukraine were exposed to investigation. The analysis revealed high degree of caries prevalence and intensity.

According to the valuation scale of the World Health Organization, caries intensity among children of 12 years old may be indicated as high. Progressive, decompensated course of dental caries of most examined children and high rate of complicated caries should also be noted. Incidence of periodontology among 15 year old children is 54.5%.And chronic catarrhal and hypertrophic gingivitis tending to increased gingival hemorrhage prevail. 18% of children have oral mucous diseases. And almost all children have low level of oral hygiene.

Before early nineties tooth powders with chemically deposited chalk being their major cleaning agent, free of any microelements, were widely spread. Soda, various flavouring substances, ammonium chloride etc. were also added. The effect was primarily mechanical, i.e. cleaning.

Nowadays LN-Kosmetika Scientific and Production Laboratory produces a range of tooth powders based on white kaolin clay and a composition of medicinal herbs enriched with minerals. The Earth product, white clay, is the first and the most accessible medicinal agent used by people since ancient times. White clay is rich of microelements highly essential for human body. рН - 7.0-8.0 provides it with alkalescent properties which stabilize equilibrium composition of electrolytic system.

Curative properties of white clay are widely used by dentists around the world to treat periodontitis and normalize acid-base balance in oral cavity preventing caries.

Beauty Secret application tooth powders are based on natural materials ensuring excellent therapeutic effect and it is safe to say that these products are highly efficient and unprecedented.

They provide curative impact on tissue margin, enamel and dentine. Herbal raw materials contained in tooth powders are deodorizing and antiseptic, they enhance secretory function of salivary glands and enamel caries resistance improving its mineralization. Sea salt included in the powder composition ensures tissue dehydration, reduced swelling, dissolves mucus and has anti-plaque, pain relieving and whitening effects. Soda reduces enamel sensitivity. A minor mineral additive, zeolite, is antimicrobial and immune building and its catalytic properties intensify positive effect of herbal raw materials. Furthermore, this additive has high sorption and cleaning properties, making the powders exceptionally useful for dental care associated with tobacco smoking: they remove dental tartar and plaque by dissolving.

At the initiative of LN-Kosmetika Scientific and Production Laboratory Cleaning Powder was studied for its impact on periodontal tissues. The examination covered 100 children with benign and medium gingivitis (70 girls and 30 boys of 10-14 years old) complaining of sensitive and bleeding gums while teeth brushing and solid food eating. Swelling, hyperemic and bleeding gingival papillas were observed. All children, both prior and after cleaning teeth with the powder, were checked for periodontal tissues using generally established clinical investigative techniques: hygienic index by Fedorov-Volodkina and Schiller-Pisarev’s test. A group of 20 persons who cleaned teeth with various toothpastes was under control. The effectiveness was evaluated immediately after a course of therapeutic cleaning in a month and in six months. During the treatment most children appeared to stop complaining of sensitive and bleeding gums as early as on the 3d-4th day of the powder use. Swelling and hyperemia of gingival papillas fairly decreased evidencing the effectiveness of this product.

If complaints of excessive enamel sensitivity refer to influence of cold air, warm tea and other factors and there are no evident enamel damage, it is recommended to clean teeth two times per day after meals by Strengthening Powder keeping it on teeth after cleaning for another 5-10 minutes and only then rinse your mouth with water. Cleaning is recommended to last from 2 weeks to 1 month. Positive results are evident from the 3d-4th day already. Cleaning should be repeated in 6 months.

Caries among children of 6-12 years old with gastric pathology is accompanied by reduced acid resistance of tooth enamel and it is simply essential for them to clean teeth with these powders; this age is also related to eruption and mineralization of permanent teeth.

In general, clinical tests made to assess cleaning properties and influence of tooth powders on tartar formation showed that intensity of tooth stone building decreases by 10 times if these powders are used throughout a year. Caries intensity reduces by half within the said period. Periodontal index improves by something about 1.8 times evidencing that tooth powders have positive specific effect on periodontal tissues.Hygienic index after using tooth powders corresponds to well care.

Natural tooth powders are highly effective hygienic products for prevention of dental tartar, caries and periodontal diseases.

Everybody knows about caries which destroys teeth but few people pay attention to bleeding gums.

The first stage towards gums disease is gingivitis. The signs of gingivitis include slight stomatorrhagia upon contact with solid food or rough toothbrush, gums sensitivity to marginal temperatures. If no steps are taken, the following disease phase is triggered – periodontitis.

Nowadays periodontitis belongs to the most serious oral diseases as it is the main reason for teeth loss (acute periodontitis). Moreover, periodontitis effects, such as suppressed immunity, disbacteriosis, splanchnopathy are also dangerous. Periodontal diseases occur in more than 91% of adult population.

What causes gingivitis and periodontitis? As it is stated by periodontology, one of the most common reasons for periodontitis (gingivitis) is dental stone which constantly damages the gum provoking its inflammation.

The tooth powders were made in LN-Kosmetika Scientific and Production Laboratory. This unique product is based on formulations of folk medicine supported by studies of soviet scientists. These studies concern healing properties of white clay used for hygienic oral care.

By virtue of excellent adsorption properties white clay soaks up all microorganisms, toxins and ferments. Ion exchange and alkalescent properties of white clay ensure partial recovery of damaged enamel density.

Curative properties of white clay were known to folk healers of all times who advised to treat mucositis by rinsing a mouth with water solution of this mineral. White clay properties are studied by pharmacological laboratories and companies worldwide.

The tooth powders provide full complex of essential macro- and microelements ions responsible for activation of tooth enamel remineralisation: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chlorine, copper etc.

HAVING WHITE CLAY AS ONE OF ITS BASIC COMPONENTS, Herbarica tooth powder contains the following

volcanic minerals - zeolites, which intensify sorption, ion-exchange, cleansing, lightening and deodorant properties of the tooth paste

sea salt, providing normal moisture content of the mouth cavity tissues, reduction of oedema, mucus dilution, reduction of dental tartar formation, pain relieving and bleaching effect;

sodium bicarbonate, promoting enamel sensory deprivation and providing bleaching effect;

vegetable and mineral complex – specially activated herbs, providing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, increase in secretory function of the salivary glands, tooth enamel resistance against caries, as well as its mineralization, vessel-strengthening action (the tooth powder is helpful in case of gum bleeding);

peppermint essential oil – one of its health properties is cleansing of the oral mucosa, as well as its antibacterial action

tea tree essence – provides for lightening of tooth enamel, has positive impact on the palate microflora, diminishes stomatorrhagia and gum inflammation, freshens the breath, lowers the probability of tooth tartar formation and risk of caries;

sagebrush essence – eliminates unpleasant odors, provides anti-inflammatory impact on gums, helps with stomatitis and fungal infections of the palate

lemon essence – has anti-fungal and anti-septic properties, safe for whitening of tooth enamel;

silver fir essence – strengthens the gums, provides for prevention effect with parodontosis;

pine tree essence – helps when juxtahilar tissues of the tooth, provides for anti-septic effect

Those have demonstrated good efficiency as the means of preventing the formation of dental tartar and debris, caries and parodentium tissue diseases.

Caries, which destroys adamantine substance of a tooth is well-known, but almost nobody pays special attention to bleeding gums.

The first step to the gum disease is gingivitis. Symptoms of gingivitis are the following: insignificant gum bleeding upon the contact with solid food or stiff bristle tooth brush, gums are becoming sensitive to the extreme temperatures. If no actions are taken in this situation, the next step of the disease - periodontitis - shall be developed. Nowadays, periodontitis is considered to be one of the most serious stomatopathies, as it is a major reason for tooth loss. Besides, consequences of periodontitis are very dangerous too - depressed immune system function, dysbacteriosis, splanchnopathy. More than 91% of adult population suffer from the periodontal diseases.

What influences development of gingivitis and periodontitis? According to periodontics, one of the most common reasons for periodontitis development is dental tartar, which permanently traumatizes the gum, causing its inflammation.

LN- Cosmetics are developing natural products for efficient palate care since 2002. In 2004 we launched the Secret of Beauty tooth powder series. In 2014 we started to produce “Healing Bouquet” tooth powder of Herbarica series which accumulated the best achievements of the company to date. In 2016 we added three more products which are advanced variations of the Secret of Beauty tooth powders. They differ from the earlier product in fractionary characteristics that provide for lower abrasivity of their compositions. They are also enriched in ethers that have positive effect with the palate care.

Development of the tooth powder was based on both traditional medicine recipes and research by Soviet scientists. Such research was related to the healing properties of white clay used for hygiene care of the mouth cavity.

Due to advanced adsorption properties and lack of any significant abrasivity, white clay perfectly suits for the tooth care, as it “absorbs” microorganisms, its toxins and enzymes. Ion-exchange and weakly alkaline properties of white clay favour partial restoration of damaged tooth enamel hardness.

Healing properties of white clay are widely known, it has background in literature, one can find recommendations concerning curing mucositis by washing mouth with a water solution of this mineral. Properties of white clay have been studied by many pharmacological laboratories and companies all over the world.



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