June 27, 2017

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Let's be honest: if we talk about the beauty of our skin, we are more likely to believe in the power of expensive, constantly advertised, cosmetic creams, though, as the well-known Russian medical scientist of the 18th century, said: "Never start strong medications that can be corrected by simple means."


Every woman at some time in their life certainly enjoyed the most expensive systems, cosmetics, strictly following all the advice of cosmetologists consultants. A lot of women may argue that in six months or a year of strict compliance with the recommendations on the use of cosmetic products their skin at least visually changed for the better? Most likely, few. In the morning, without cream and color cosmetics, we all note with disappointment the inexorable fact of the aging of our skin.


Unique cosmetic preparation - Litocomplex "Secret of Beauty" - is the rare tool that properly be called hygiene means, not makeup, that is, the means, not masking the shortcomings of the skin and restores its natural, natural functions and properties, normalizes the skin as an independent and one of the most important organs of the human body. Litocomplex "Secret of Beauty" promotes healthier skin, and healthy skin - a beautiful skin. How can you not remember the words of the great Russian surgeon Mr.Pirogov, who said that most believe in hygiene, and that the future belongs to preventive medicine.




What is the unique approach to skin care procedure Litocomplex?


Everything is based on what this approach looks quite traditional at first glance. Skin - is one of the most important organs. The design of the skin is complex and multi-layered. The outer layer, called the epidermis of its experts; the actual skin, or dermis in scientific (hence went to dermatology science), and finally a layer of subcutaneous fat tissue.




The epidermis is also composed of several layers, the deepest of which contains cells that have the ability to continuously reproduce, and the newly born cells live only about three weeks. Our body is nowhere nothing of the kind! Even red blood cells (erythrocytes), each of which lives only 100 days, do not reproduce and are generated by a special body - the bone marrow. The newly formed cells of the epidermis during his short life, are gradually moving to the surface, undergoing morphological and biochemical changes: lose the ability to reproduce, change shape, lose their cellular organelles, the nucleus and protoplasm, and gradually die, reborn in a closely adjacent to each other horny surface plate layer of the epidermis. Normally, there is a constant rejection (exfoliation) of the plates. Our skin, and we along with it, looks good only when the cells of the epidermis in the composition of our skin well nourished and therefore multiply.




The technique of skin care using Litocomplex attaches great importance to nutritious food, the lower layers of the epidermis.


The natural mechanism of the power cells of the epidermis by means of tissue fluid, lymph and blood plasma, which act on the finest capillaries of the underlying tissue, ie, dermis. As part of the dermis has collagen protein, having a fibrous structure, such as felt. The boundary of the epidermis and the dermis has a complex geometry interpenetrating papillae, in which collagen fibers having a vertical direction (with respect to the surface of the skin), and in depth direction of the fibers of the dermis close to the horizontal surface of the capillary network of branching blood vessels. The mutual arrangement, comprising capillary channels and the thinnest collagen fibers favors transfer of nutrients into them, and further, along the collagen fibers to superficial cells of the epidermis. In other words, the collagen fibers are the main network supply epidermal cells essential nutrients.




The overall performance of the network and the quality of the epidermis nutrition can greatly decrease when exposed to skin tanning agents, such as salts of heavy metals, acids and certain fats. Under the influence of calcium ions collagenous tissue undergoes drastic changes - the channel section and the water content in the tissue decreases as tubule blocking collagen calcium and the fabric itself acquires the ability to absorb a significant amount of fat (lipid) that is well known as one of the signs of skin aging.




Leather impregnation fat creams not only did not improve the situation, on the contrary, there is a further deterioration in the supply, thinning of the skin, it gets kind of parchment, easily damaged. As an illustration of the above arguments about the direct link to loss of moisture content in the collagen fibers of collagen and calcium blockage can give you an example. Let us imagine that we conduct a simple experiment: take a piece of fresh skin, such as pig and put it in lime. In a very short time, the skin will lose all the water will become brittle. Of course, in this case, we can not bring back the skin lost water, but this piece of fat to nourish the skin, we quite succeed. The skin becomes soft again. Remember how we from time to time with the help of the cream successfully "rejuvenate" old shoes, bags, jackets, gloves. This, of course, a very rough comparison, but the visual change for the better skin or hands, when applied to her cream partly due to the fact that the upper layer of the epidermis cells, losing water over the years, well absorb the fat, and we have the so-called "cosmetic effect".




It turns out that this process is reversible to a certain extent, it is possible to stop the aging process associated with the loss of moisture content, and even reverse it if you clean the capillaries in the collagen tissue of calcium ions, hydrogen and heavy metals. This is a noble goal, and Litocomplex "Secret of Beauty".




Returning to the subject of health, I want to draw your attention to the following issues. We are already well aware that health, or, as in our time to say - regular cleaning of any system of the body, all of our body - the intestines, liver, kidneys, etc., usually leads to wonderful results that You could never be achieved by using the most advanced and expensive drugs. We are able to help with cleansing literally "rejuvenate" any organ of the body, that is, to enable it to work better, in full force. Thus, we recognize that in 60 years, you can use some preventive methods to ensure that any of the agencies will be able to work as he worked 15-20 years ago. But for some reason, from this point of view, we will never look at your skin. But skin is also necessary to help get rid of toxins, that is, substances that accumulate in it, preventing its normal functional activities. It is found that in the skin of these toxic substances should be released in a 3.5 times larger than the kidneys and intestines. In our time, in numerous popular publications are different ways to cleanse the body, almost all of its functional systems. And what is there in this respect for the skin? If you think about it, this is just a steam room, a broom, and rub with salt. We all know that the bath cures. Due to what? Basically, due to deep clean the skin. Litocomplex "Secret of Beauty" runs many times more effective than salt, in addition, it has the unique ability to carry out deep cleaning of the skin. We get the opportunity to arrange a "cold bath" our face every day, and regularly applying Litocomplex during bath procedures, in the bath or shower to the skin of the whole body, we contribute to enhanced purification for our body.




Litocomplex "Secret of Beauty" - a unique composition of natural mineral volcanic mountain clay, natural sodium salts and copper. It consists of only natural ingredients. Litocomplex  is a fine powder. At first glance, this is not quite accustomed to use - as a rule, all skin care products (with the exception of decorative loose powder) are available in the form of a liquid, paste or cream compositions. But the dry mixture of natural minerals and salts in closed containers can be stored indefinitely without losing its unique properties at any temperature.




Used Litocomplex water. How to use it very easy. You moisturize the skin area to which you want to apply Litocomplex: for example, the face is rinsed with water. Litocomplex wetting with water to obtain a thick slurry and lightly distribute this wet mush on the treated skin areas. Leave it on the skin for a while, for example, for the face is 1 minute, and then wash off with clean water. On Litocomplex body skin can be kept up to 10 minutes on the scalp - not less than 15 minutes. That's the procedure.




What happens to our skin during application of the procedure Litocomplex?


Litocomplex "Secret of Beauty" provides a deep cleaning of the skin of the body, face and head. There EFFECTIVE DEEP CLEANING SOFT. The word refers to the removal CLEANING tanning substances - calcium, "acidic" hydrogen ion (oxonium), heavy metal ions, including radionuclides, from the depth of skin tissue; while the surface of the skin, sebaceous and sweat glands are exempt from keratinized plates of the outer layer of the epidermis, organic and inorganic pollutants. SOFT The word is meant that either does not require additional mechanical impact, such as abrasives or chemical action, such as any active chemical substances, or some other, for example, a laser beam burning.


Component Properties Litocomplex provide exceptional efficiency of these processes, in spite of the amazing simplicity and brevity of procedures. For example, minute procedure on the face leads to the removal of the collagen of the skin of the amount of calcium that had accumulated over the previous six months.




As Litocomplex removes calcium from the dermis collagen?


Effects of natural salts leads to calcium ions as well as the "acidic" hydrogen ions are very firmly "fixed" in the collagen fibers produced sufficient mobility, or in other words, the excess sodium ions are displaced natural salts. After that triggered the unique properties of natural minerals - through ion exchange, they capture calcium ions, oxonium ions of heavy metals and firmly "locked" in their structure. At the end of the procedure, you simply wash off with water. Of course, the usual bath procedure also promotes skin release of these ions, but most of them are again absorbed by our skin - just remove them with water is difficult. In our case, there is their consistent displacement, sorption, or binding, and then removing together with the sorbent with water. And it does not require heating of the body, that is, using Litocomplex, we can arrange a "cold" bath for any portion of our skin - as the vacuum stretching of the skin all that prevents it from working properly. It is clear that these harmful ions again get into the skin - these are the conditions of our lives, but with regular skin exemption from them, we will significantly reduce the impact of their harmful effects. At the same time we slow down skin aging mechanisms related to its blockage of these ions, and, as a consequence, the loss of moisture content of collagen.




How is the acceleration of the rejection of keratinized plates of the outer layer of the epidermis?


We are well known commonly used procedures to achieve this goal - scrubs, films, mechanical exfoliation at the beauty parlor. In the case of Litocomplex due to catalytic effects on intermolecular bonds of dead cells and scales of the stratum corneum with the deeper layers of the epidermis occurs oxidation of the sulfur compounds and break these bonds. This contributes to a more easy removal of dead surface skin cells of the stratum corneum and flakes. Gruel Litocomplex do not need to rub on the skin of the face - this is not a scrub. The result of the action of minerals, included in its composition, leads to the fact that in the process of washing after the procedure, we have increased rejection occurs pieces of dead skin. We do not severing them from the skin, and help them to break the bonds with the surface. Implemented soft cleaning.


Litocomplex "Secret of Beauty" helps to get rid also of organic pollutants, perfectly clearing jams wellhead sebaceous and sweat glands, which leads to a normalization of their work. We all know that our skin beauticians divided by type - oily, dry, normal and combination. For each type of skin produced a special skin care products, but none of the beauticians would not say that the use of these tools leads to normalization of the skin. That is, if the skin is dry or oily, it may be normal, or disappear so-called T-zone. Application Litocomplex "Secret of Beauty" leads to normalization of the skin. Eventually work enough volume of liquid held collagen, normalize metabolic processes in the skin, improves the nutrition of the epidermal cells, restored unique natural mechanism for updating the upper layer of the epidermis, normalizes secretory skin organs - the sebaceous and sweat glands, strengthens its protective function, so that our skin becomes health in the broadest sense of the word, and beautiful appearance. This is noted by all who regularly use Litocomplex. In winter, the coldest and windiest time of year, the skin does not peel off. However, it does not require care by a very fatty creams. Summer skin does not dry and does not require a large amount of moisturizing cream that gives us a lot of sometimes uncomfortable in hot weather. All users have reported decrease in the use of funds for decorative skin - powder, cream tones: skin is smoothed, leveled and does not require a reinforced camouflage flaws. These results can be achieved at any age.




All of the above properties Litocomplex ensure its successful application to the fight against acne. Regular treatments lead to excellent results after 2-3 applications. All components have excellent aseptic Litocomplex bactericidal action. The presence of copper causes antifungal action means "Secret of Beauty". Traditional medicine has hundreds of recipes in which there are natural salts, various kinds of clay, copper, for the treatment of various skin diseases. At the same time, it is known that virtually all of the skin disease is directly related to the state of the skin collagen. Therefore, in the treatment of acne Litocomplex "Secret of Beauty" has a complex effect: bactericidal activity, excellent cleaning estuarine plugs sebaceous and sweat glands and the normalization of their work, due to the improvement of the functional properties of the skin collagen. If you have acne, you can advise a daily washing Litocomplex morning and evening, and 2-3 times a week longer procedure - lasting 2-3 minutes. It should be noted that, as a rule, skin with acne is very sensitive, therefore, need not fear a strong tingling, and in some cases a burning sensation. Composition Litocomplex natural, it does not cause allergic irritation - be patient, a good result will not take long.




Talking about the good effect Litocomplex for acne, it would be desirable to pay attention to the following fact: if your skin problem, that is periodically on it having pimples, inflammation and peeling, the application Litocomplex completely eliminates these problems with the overall improvement of the skin. A small number of users is observed so-called cleansing reactions. Let us examine this in more detail. We have already said that in our time are well known procedures for cleansing the internal organs. It can be as specific treatments for any body and to the body as a whole: for example, starvation, the method of volitional elimination depth of breathing, breathing exercises and other. When using such techniques are observed characteristic phenomena, which are called cleansing reactions.




Normally, each person has one or two body problem. Cleaning these troubled bodies against a background of deterioration of their condition, there is a characteristic symptoms. The most glaring example - cleaning the intestine and liver. Everyone knows what unpleasant events is accompanied by cleaning these bodies. These phenomena take place very quickly, usually within a few hours. After that there is restoration of the organ, which is "clean", and the whole organism. Thus, we come to health after a deterioration. Similarly, the skin of some people is also problematic body: in the dermis can be foci of infection that do not extend to the surface. When using the Litocomplex  goes deep cleaning of the skin, so everything comes to the surface: may appear pimples, for dry skin may experience increased exfoliation, oily - increased sebum secretion. These are not very pleasant events occur no more than two weeks, after which pass unnoticed in the background of a general improvement of the skin. When cleaning the scalp, in the first two weeks may be a finely divided exfoliation, but after a month all users revealed a complete disappearance of dandruff, hair loss corresponds to the physiological norm, the hair follicle to become smooth and shiny, and the hair is aligned along the entire length. In case of problems with hair it is recommended to spend 10 consecutive procedures, and then repeat for the prevention of 1-2 times in two weeks.




We talked earlier about the normalization of the sweat glands via Litocomplex. Let us examine this in more detail. "Secret of Beauty" has a strong deodorizing impact, eliminating the smell of sweat and other odors humans. Litocomplex eliminates the cause of odors - ammonium ions and ammonium-containing organic cations. It does not replace the smell of sweat to other, more powerful, but more pleasant odor, and eliminates the source, the cause of bad breath. Normalization of the work of the sweat glands leads to the fact that the smell of secret changes to become less sharp. This is especially true for the scalp: hair accumulate odor, and if they do not wash every day, it can become a problem. Routine prophylactic use Litocomplex gives in this case, a very good result. Good results in this sense are, and people get more physical activity, such as athletes.




Modern cosmetology is mostly occupied by the search tools that you can "nourish" the skin, sometimes forgetting that if the functional resources of our skin are reduced, the most unique skin nourishment from the outside will not give any results. We know that very often the vitamins inside does not have a positive effect, after the cleansing of the digestive system one way or another, vitamin therapy produces excellent results. Leather - this is a very complex organ, without it man can not live. Any negative changes in the skin affect the work of almost all internal organs. The skin performs many functions - heat transfer, gas exchange, protective and excretory functions. Litocomplex "Secret of Beauty" keeps all the functional capabilities of the skin in working condition. Unique action Litocomplex makes it an ideal way to prepare the skin for any breeding procedures. After applying Litocomplex your skin ready for maximum exposure to any desired her mask or cream. If you want to treat your scalp, then it is necessary to make the procedure with the "Secret of Beauty". Many drugs have a very high rate of absorption, therefore, if the skin is not clean enough, then all that is on it, will be drawn into the inside together with ointment or cream. Generally speaking, any skin area to which we want to apply nutrient or medicament to be prepared accordingly. Litocomplex do it well, and that is very important, the most natural, "natural" way.




Traditionally, the main methods of care are skin - cleansing, nutrition, hydration and protection.




Without proper cleansing all attempts of its moisture and nutrition will not give the desired result. It can be applied to the skin the most expensive modern moisturizing creams, but if the collagen structure has undergone changes due to clogging of various harmful substances to it, our skin is unable to absorb the water. And all moisture is reduced to the fact that the film of cream on the face prevents the water off the skin. In other words, we simply "lock up" the water in the skin. The same can be said about the power of improperly treated skin. Skin Care via Litocomplex "Secret of Beauty" leads to the fact that the cleansing restores the normal moisture content of the skin and prepares it to maximize nutritional procedures. Action means "Secret of Beauty" on the skin is a complex in the broadest sense of the word. Litocomplex cleanses the skin in such a unique way that helps to restore the skin's natural moisture content, and by increasing the interstitial fluid volume improves the nutrition of tissues inside and outside - it leads to a general improvement of the skin, its normalization, and, as a result, strengthen the natural protective properties.




People want to be healthy and beautiful. Dream of eternal youth and longevity. From the earliest times. Probably from the time when man appeared on Earth. In search of beauty and health all sorts of people searched for miracle elixirs.























































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