Each product manufactured by the laboratory LN-Cosmetics is subjected to rigorous testing, resulting in compiled files which contain comprehensive information on each particular product

Safety Information of Cosmetics products

  • Qualitative and quantitative composition of the product characteristics.

  • Physical and chemical characteristics of cosmetic products.

  • Physio-chemical characteristics of the raw materials included in the product.

  • The microbiological quality of the product.

  • The microbiological quality of the raw materials used in the manufacture of this product.

  • Information on the packaging security.

  • Recommendations for use of the product under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions.

  • The confirmation of the impact of cosmetic products within the mandatory prescribed laws.  

  • Poison Product data sheet.

  • Possible unwanted effects when used in special cases.

  • Full information about the cosmetic product and its manufacturer

  • Safety evaluation of each cosmetic product.

  • Warning labels on the packaging and instructions.

  • The expert's conclusion with product safety ratification.

  • Expert Certification.

  • The methods used to obtain information to statistically prove specific actions of the cosmetic products.

  • Research work.

  • Testing in beauty salon conditions.

  • Attracting volunteers. 

  • Analysis of data and "before" and "after" photos upon surveying of customers via the internet. 

  • Receiving feedback from the respondents and their analysis

  • Testing of products for compliance with indications of clinical efficacy certification system "Effective biocorrectors".

  • Direct testing of the skin after the course of application of cosmetics (with optional measurements prior to the course).

  • In the laboratory, LN-Cosmetics focuses on confirmation of the main effects of the claimed cosmetic effects.​


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