Universal, environmentally safe, natural tooth powder
Overall palate care
Stronger tooth enamel
Prevention of periodontal disease and tooth decay
Removal of dental tartar and deposits

Strengthens gums and tooth enamel
Improves swollen and bleeding gums when cleaning after consuming solid foods
Loosens dental tartar
Provides for whitening effect, removes coffee, tea and cigarette stains
Ideally and softly polishes tooth surface
Thoroughly cleans the mouth of food debris
Normalizes acid-base balance in the palate

Assists in preventing tooth decay and gingivitis, decreases the probability of periodontal disease.


  • alternative to chemical toothpastes and gels;

    preventive application on the teeth and gums;

    Natural firming tooth powder.


    Apply tooth powder should be moistened. Massaging your teeth with a soft brush for 2-3 minutes. Movement: scrubbed from the gum to the tooth. Every day, morning and / or evening.

  • Store at room temperature in a sealed jar.

    Avoid getting moisture inside.

    Use a clean, dry measuring spoon.


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