This unique and effective range is the culmination of extensive research and was made at the intersection of sciences, such as biochemistry, chemical physics, mineralogy and cosmetology in view of the latest knowledge about skin processes.


Secret of Beauty new unique dry cosmetics for face and body care was formulated with safety and a positive effect in mind. Their beneficial effect on the human body has been verified through the millennia and certified by scientific investigations. No preservatives and no chemicals are used!


The cosmetic range has been made to provide female beauty with authentic and decent care that helps to reveal all the natural qualities of our image as opposed to the artificial masking of changes in the skin caused by time, heredity, state of health or the impact of the environment.


Secret of Beauty products have become very popular for home care as well as in beauty salons and are used consistently by dermatologists and cosmetologists.


One of the great advantages of this dry cosmetics range is that they are diluted with water immediately before use, thus skin cells receive a freshly made phytomineral cocktail.  And of course they are made with entirely natural ingredients which visibly enhance quality. 


We would like to provide you with our catalogue which will give you extensive information on how our unique lithophyto (zeolite minerals and plant extract) compositions work so that you can make your choice among various lines of natural compositions and clarify for yourself the advantages of dry cosmetics. 


Thank you and we hope you enjoy learning more about this new, naturally effective range.




Official Distributor in UK